NOTE:  The book displayed on-screen in the pages that follow differs slightly from the downloaded version which may be more up-to-date. Discerning readers will therefore be best served by downloading the book in adobe acrobat format, together with the associated spreadsheets.  However, some of the on-line tools look and work better than the spreadsheets and should be tried first.

A word from the web site sponsors....


Author Michael Kelly and his wife Dee were directors of Dunstan Thomas Limited for the last six years of the 20th Century and both contributed much to our success as computer software pioneers.   Their son Robert remains on the board and has inherited his father’s skills in the mortgage business so we can continue to serve our growing band of financial services clients.

Dunstan Thomas is delighted to sponsor this book by hosting it as a web site.  Michael Kelly has never intended to profit from its publication.  As a champion of the consumer, he is more interested in seeing his message promoted both to the public at large and to fellow professionals in the mortgage industry where he worked for some thirty years.  The Prologue summarises some of the key events in his remarkable business life.
As you will see as you read on, Michael is a great exponent of spreadsheets and he has designed a number of quite amazing mortgage and loan tools for borrowers, brokers and lenders, all of which are freely available for downloading on this web site.
For our part, we can design full-scale software applications for any financial service operation, which can be directly tailored to specific business needs, particularly when related to e-commerce.
This book is not for the faint-hearted:  there is some mathematics lurking about, but Michael does make it as easy as possible to grasp important principles such as the Internal Rate of Return, so we commend your perseverance.  Your reward comes in Part II, particularly the sections on gearing and how to make a million – indeed if you read those sections alone you could be repaid the time spent many times over.

Astute laypersons will also find much to delight them, even if they download just one spreadsheet on how to choose a mortgage – the Mortgage Scheme Select Wizard - or look at it directly on this web site under "On-line Tools"  The author’s logical approach and his focus on principles, rather than just transient contemporary wisdom, ensures that the reader picks up some skills for life, as opposed to assisting a specific mortgage or loan transaction.

The book is also available as a printed manuscript, but we ask for a price of £10 to cover printing, materials and postage.

Chris Read

Dunstan Thomas Limited  

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